Qualities of an Excellent Condo

When compared to other types of real estate properties, condos stand out partly because of their unique aspects such as design. So, what are the qualities of a good condo?

Properties of a good condo

Quality of the Building


This is a very important aspect when looking for a condo. You should pay maximum attention especially if you are going to settle with you family.  Why this is important is because it should be safe and properly constructed meeting all the conditions required for a family building.

Essential Facilities

Appealing condos are those that have excellent basic facilities within or nearby. These facilities may include, gym, swimming pool, playground, shops, etc. it is always best if the facilities are nearby so that the resident need not go far in search of places to shop or chill out.

Ample Living Space

Spacious condos kill the impression that you are living in a confined space. Also coming to a spacious and well-designed home has a satisfactory feeling.

Also, condos whose common areas are planned smartly and with sustainability in mind will not feel like congested urban areas but rather create a positive feeling to the residents.

Ease of access

It would be of little worth to live in the middle of nowhere or where transport expenses will cost you a lot. Though not everyone can afford a condo within urban areas, you should strive to look for a condo in areas where they can be accessed easily. Areas that have properly connected public transport systems for example trains, buses, etc.

Areas that are easily accessible also means you can visit other facilities, e.g., Shopping malls, restaurants, schools, hospitals just to name a few outside the project.

Worthy Resale Value

As part of a long-term investment or home-purchase, condos carry an inherent risk. This can, however, be controlled by choosing the property with keenness taking into account several if not all the important factors.

This is to ensure that the chosen property will apart from serving as a home one can also start a small investment that will grow over time.

Management and Maintenance Levies

Apart from rent, condo owners may be subject to other charges for its maintenance. The charges may include, garbage collection fees, insurance, repairs, etc.

These fees could be collected from owners of the various units and paid to the relevant agencies to provide the required services.


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