How to stay out of debt

Since time immemorial so much has been made clear to us about the importance of financial consciousness. It is time we opened our eyes and became fully aware of the consequences of our actions. In the real world, our finances keep us going and are the means of our livelihoods. Without which, life is perceived to be an empty shell and utterly meaningless. Then the cruel and heartless monster called debt pops into the picture. No one can even stand to hear the term ‘debt’ being mentioned into their ears. On the bright side, it is actually possible to go through life without incurring any debts at all. Life would be so much easier knowing that you owe no financial explanation to anyone. This means that you are free to go about your financial obligations without fear. We shall see how to terminate this monster once and for all. It is not that hard to stay out of debt as most people would put it. On the contrary, it all boils down to your mindset. If you believe that it’s possible for you to stay out of debt, then so be it and vice-versa.


You can first begin by catering for all the necessary expenses such as bills. Once you are through with these, you can put away the remaining sum for future emergencies. You should then try to discipline yourself to make do with what’s available.

Have financial goals


At the start of each month, have some financial goals put in place. For example, invest your money in some lucrative¬†venture. This way, you will never run dry even when your salary gets finished. Carry out your research thoroughly and explore deeply what you’ve found out. This requires you to have an open mind and absorb all the useful details you come across.


Acquire financial information

It is important to read books and attend seminars and conventions that will inspire you to stay away from debts. Be aggressive as you take this step. You have to let nothing pass you by in your quest to remain clean financially.

Spend when necessary

Only buy what you need, do not buy what you want. If you are walking on a tightrope financially, you need to be keen on how and where your money goes.

Avoid gambling

Avoid betting and gambling. These are among the major causes of debt. Staying away from them means ridding yourself completely of debt and anything associated with it.

Watch your company

Stay away from ‘friends’ who mislead you into financial pitfalls. The kind of company you keep will determine whether you will continue to remain in debt or get out of it.

Keep your mind occupied

rdtdcfgcfgcghcvvcThe more you keep your mind away from your money, the more you will think productively. Occupy your mind with activities that do not involve spending money. You will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly days will go by, and you will never find yourself trapped in debt.